Turkey Russia Agreement Libya

“We have just reached an agreement with Russia to work towards a credible and lasting ceasefire in Libya,” Ibrahim Kalin, President Erdogan`s chief security adviser, told Reuters news agency. “We want to prevent Libya from becoming the scene of proxy wars,” Maas said. “Libya cannot become a second Syria, so we must quickly enter into a political process, an agreement on an effective ceasefire and an arms embargo,” he added. It was important for Russia and Turkey to reach an agreement on Libya before German Chancellor Angela Merkel`s visit to Moscow on 11 January, during which the libya issue was also to be discussed at length. Berlin, as the final and a final turn of the European Union, will hold a conference on the end of the conflict, which has a considerable impact on the economic situation – and on migration – on the political situation in many EU Member States. However, at present, the EU does not have a common position on Libya. Turkish FM said no technical disagreements despite the postponement of the talks that were scheduled for Sunday. Nevertheless, Turkey is convinced that it will not enter into conflict with Russia in Libya. It is not in the interests of both sides now that they have declared themselves mediators in the civil war. It is much more advantageous for them to try in Libya to emulate the model of cooperation they have developed in Syria. These include delineating areas of influence and reaching an agreement to work towards a peaceful solution to the conflict, taking into account the interests and wishes of each partner. Erdogan spoke in a television interview after a telephone conversation with the U.S.

president, but did not discuss the agreements. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday he had reached agreements with his US counterpart Donald Trump that could used a “new era” for Libya. A ceasefire agreement has the potential to radically defuse tensions on the battlefield, a murky arena already imbued with various groups of substitutes and mercenaries representing the interests of other countries. “After our discussions on the transition process in Libya, a new era between Turkey and the United States can begin,” Erdogan told state broadcaster TRT.

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