What To Do If Your Ex Violates Custody Agreement

Solving the problem on a legal and appropriate basis is essential if you want to reduce the impact on your children. Even if you are tempted, it is important not to subject your ex to your children or to show your rage towards your ex when your children are there. Instead, go through the justice system and interview your ex or others if your children can`t hear you. This can help you find a better solution without worrying about making things even harder for your children. Frequent violations of a child custody order include: a parent who keeps the children away from the other parent while there is a court-ordered custody plan; A parent who establishes the other parent in front of the children; or a parent who does not allow children to call the other parent, whereas the custody order provides that they can do so. Depending on the language in your custody decision, it is very likely that there will be other provisions that will be violated. Make sure to keep an overview of each instance that is a violation of your court injunction, because each of these will help you successfully win a movement for contempt. After a divorce, you were able to obtain custody of your child, and you received a court order setting out all custody arrangements for the child. However, your ex has consistently refused to follow all the details of custody orders and you are frustrated. The first step a parent could take if the other parent`s breach of custody order causes a serious problem is for an experienced Knoxville family lawyer to send a letter to his ex to inform him of how his actions violated a court order and the serious consequences of his or her behaviour. Each time a court decision is violated, the person who violates the order may be detained in defiance of the court. In this case, the family court judge may actually order the bailiff to take your ex into custody.

That means your ex might be able to serve time in prison. Before taking serious corrective action, you should speak to a qualified lawyer. Your lawyer can help you assess the situation and determine how best to protect your legal rights. In the law firms of Steve W. Marsee, P.A., we understand how sensitive family conflicts can be. We are also ready to fight aggressively to protect your parental rights. To learn more about how we can help you, please contact our Orlando office today to request your full confidential case notice. With all this disruptive behavior, it can cause a lot of stress. If you are in a situation where your ex refuses to follow custody orders, there are a few things you can do to correct the situation. While parents are expected to follow custody decisions, the court does not appreciate the need to deal with very small offences that could be resolved by the parents themselves.

In any case, you should go to court if the child`s custody orders are constantly violated, but going to court for a very small injury can actually send you back. Don`t talk badly about your children`s mother before they do. Custody orders have the force of the law, and if your ex deliberately violates, you have a legal remedy.

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